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Opportunities to Improve Manufactured Housing Through the Use of Advanced Adhesives and Sealants


Report Acceptance Date: January 2003 (26 pages)

Posted Date: January 01, 2003

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Factory-produced housing provides many opportunities for adhesive-based automation and assembly line methods to significantly reduce labor and increase building performance and durability. Newer adhesives are also available that reduce worker exposure to dangerous chemicals, reduce air pollution, and minimize waste disposal concerns that are becoming more common with older solvent-based products. This report presents the results of an investigation into how these new products could be more extensively used in manufactured housing production. The research steering committee included representatives from home manufacturers; adhesives manufacturers and distributors; engineering, testing and certification firms, and HUD.

Researchers identified and evaluated adhesive and sealant opportunities that offer the greatest potential benefit to manufactured housing construction based on a survey of 21 manufactured housing plants. The survey was designed to evaluate satisfaction levels of current adhesives and sealants in use, as well as identify and characterize other manufacturing, performance, and service issues related to adhesives and sealants. Ten adhesive manufacturers were interviewed to get a supplier's perspective. Home and adhesive manufacturers were also probed for new opportunities for adhesives in manufactured housing production.

As a result of this survey, the report identifies interior wall construction and bottom board repair as the two application areas where improvements to the adhesive systems currently being used can have the greatest impact on manufactured housing quality and affordability. It proposes a research program focusing on these two areas of the manufactured housing construction process.

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