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An Overview Of The Ten Hud/Yccip Demonstration Projects Compared With Sixteen Formula-Funded Yccip Projects And Eight Vici/Cppv/Yccip Projects


Authors: Boston University    

Report Acceptance Date: September, 1982 (297 pages)

Posted Date: January 07, 2011

This report by the Boston University Institute for Employment Policy assesses the immediate impact of this Youth Community Improvement and Conservation Project (YCCIP) operated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development/Office of Neighborhoods Voluntary Associations and Consumer Protection (BUD/NVACP) and funded under the Youth Employment and Demonstration Projects Act of 1977. This program was created "to develop the vocational potential of j obles.s youth through well-supervised work of tangible benefit to the community. YCCIP is for "youth, 16 through 19 who are unemployed, with preference given to out-of-school youth with the severest problems in finding employment. til The HUD/YCCIP was established with discretionary funds of the Secretary of Labor who allocated 15.153 million dollars (FY 1978-80) to the Department of Housing and Urban De- velopment (HUD/NVACP) under an Interagency Agreement for the operation of this demonstration project. BUD selected and was responsible for ten YCCIPs which were eperated by non-profit Community Based Organizations (CBOs) under the oversight of HUD/NVACP. The operation of the YCCIP programs through Hun-supervised CBOs rather than through Prime Sponsor supervision was a special feature of this demonstration. A second important feature of the HUD/YCCIP demonstration was that the HUD/YCCIPs were substantially larger than Prime Sponsor YCCIP projects (see Chart Sl). .

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.

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