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MDRT: Task Order 6: Identifying a Measure of the Impact of Regulatory Barriers on Affordable Housing


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The work performed under this task order involves an assessment of more recent literature, models, and data on the relationship between land use regulations and affordable housing, focusing on efforts to quantify the costs associated with those regulations. The team will address two key research questions: (1) What tools and techniques have been developed to analyze the of impact of land use and housing development regulations on the cost of housing, and (2) Which of these tools and/or techniques would best serve HUD's goal of reducing regulatory barriers to increase access to affordable housing? To answer these questions, Team will conduct a literature review on the impact of land use regulations on access to affordable housing and evaluate the available analytical tools that attempt to quantify the regulations' cost. In addition, the Team will submit an Interim Report and a Final Report that will make recommendations regarding which tool would best meet HUD's goal of reducing the cost of excessive and burdensome land use regulations.

Note: The status of this project is complete.

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