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Advanced Modular Housing Design


Report Acceptance Date: February 2022 (214 pages)

Posted Date: September 28, 2023

Increasing likelihood and severity of natural disasters require innovative and rapid responses to help community residents recover. A multidisciplinary team collaborated to design post-disaster housing that could meet urgent housing needs and offer enduring value in communities by using advanced modular methods. The objectives were for the housing modules to have appropriate structural strength and construction flexibility (resilience), energy efficiency and energy self-sufficiency (sustainability), and affordability. The housing units are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and enable rapid, high-volume deployment of the Core module. The Core module of 160 square feet can function as a standalone housing unit with a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area and can be easily transported to the site. Core modules can be enhanced at later dates by adding Space and Dwell modules to become a full three-bedroom home. The report includes construction documents for the three modules.


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