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Voices of Youth Count Comprehensive Report: Youth Homelessness in America


Authors: Morton, Matthew     Dworsky, Amy     Samuels, Gina Miranda     Patel, Sonali    

Report Acceptance Date: September 2018 (314 pages)

Posted Date: October 18, 2019

Voices of Youth Count (VoYC) is a mixed-methods, multicomponent study that documents the prevalence and incidence rates of homeless youth in the United States, and describes the population’s characteristics, service gaps, and interventions of selected communities. The study uses a definition of youth homelessness that is broader than the definition in use by HUD, and includes both explicit homelessness (i.e. youth living on the street, in shelters, and in transitional housing) and unstably housed youth who are couch surfing or precariously housed. Due in part to the broader definition of homelessness utilized, the study finds that one in 30 youth ages 13-25 experienced some form of homelessness during the previous year. The study also identifies several high-risk homeless youth subpopulations, observes comparable rates of youth homelessness in rural and urban areas, and develops a rigorous methodology for future counts of homeless youth.

Publication Categories: Publications     Homelessness and Special Needs Services    


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