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Evaluation Of The Urban Initiatives Anti-Crime Program - Louisville KY Case Study


Authors: Police Foundation    

Report Acceptance Date: 1984 (34 Pages)

Posted Date: February 07, 2012

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Louisville, the largest city in Kentucky, the seat of Jefferson County, is situated on a bend of the Ohio River near the midpoint of the state's northern border. Louisville is probably best known as the site of the Kentucky Derby, the nation's most famous horse race, run each year since 1875 at Churchhill Downs. Louisville is an industrial center that ranks high in the production of whiskey, household appliances, synthetic rubber, motor trucks, tractors, bathtubs, paint, barrels, cigarettes, air-filtration equipment, educational material for the blind, and baseball bats. Other major products include automobiles, farm implements, aluminum, chemicals, industrial machinery, bedding, processed foods, and magazines. The city is a center for meat packing, grain milling, hardware distribution, insurance, construction, finance, naval gun maintenance, and franchising of fried chicken sales. The Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center provides a huge convention facility.

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