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Solar Heating and Cooling Demonstration Program: A Descriptive Summary of HUD Cycle 2 Solar Residential Projects


Report Acceptance Date: 1976 (111 pages)

Posted Date: January 05, 2011

The use of solar energy for residential heating, cooling and domestic water heating is rapidly emerging as a viable and cost effective alternative to our present energy resources. This is due not only to the growing cost of non-renewable fossil fuels and the availability of solar equipment, but also to increasing consumer acceptance and confidence in solar heating and cooling. The fact that the number and variety of locations of solar heated and cooled buildings has increased dramatically over the last several years has contributed significantly to this growing consumer confidence. No longer is solar energy simply an article in the paper or weekly magazine or a brief television commercial, it is a building that can be seen down the street or over in the next town. It is this exposure to the actual workings of a solar system that has increased understanding and built confidence.

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.

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