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Evaluation of Continuums of Care for Homeless People: Final Report


Report Acceptance Date: May 2002 (216 pages)

Posted Date: October 25, 2005

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This study is an assessment of the Continuum of Care approach implemented in 1995 by HUD to streamline the funding and grant-making process under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and to encourage communities to coordinate the planning and provision of housing and services for homeless people. Twenty-five Continuums of Care from all regions of the country were examined on numerous dimensions of a comprehensive approach to homelessness prevention and remediation. The report concludes that for the high-performing communities studied, HUD's implementation of the Continuum of Care funding process stimulated increased communication within local communities in their response to homelessness. Respondents generally agreed that more people received more services and participated in more and better-coordinated programs as a consequence of the Continuum of Care approach. This report is a significant addition to our knowledge about homelessness. It provides important insights into local responses to the problem and identifies issues that must be resolved as the nation grapples with the difficult and serious problem of homelessness.

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