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Random Digit Dialing Surveys: A Guide to Assist Larger Housing Agencies in Preparring Fair Market Rent Comments, 1998


Report Acceptance Date: April 2000 (59 pages)

Posted Date: April 12, 2007

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This guide explains the concepts and procedures used to conduct a random digit dialing (RDD) telephone survey to estimate Fair Market Rents (FMR) for a particular area. It is intended for use by larger public housing agencies. It discusses the circumstances under which an RDD survey might be appropriate and recommends ways of contracting out such a survey. It also contains information needed to select a contractor, including: a telephone survey questionnaire; a sample Request for Bids letter; a statement of work that tells contractors what they are required to do and gives them sufficient information to submit a fixed price bid; and a listing of telephone survey contractors that appear to have had experience with the automated telephone survey and data analysis procedures required to conduct this type of effort.


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