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IWISH Study Research Design

Supportive Services Demonstration and Evaluation: Testing the Integrated Wellness in Supportive Housing (IWISH) Model

IWISH Study Research Design

Supportive Services Demonstration Research Design

The Supportive Services Demonstration is a rigorous, cluster-randomized controlled trial testing the Integrated Wellness in Supportive Housing (IWISH) model, which funds a full-time Resident Wellness Director and a part-time Wellness Nurse to work in HUD-assisted housing developments that either predominantly or exclusively serve households headed by people aged 62 or over. The evaluation compares outcomes for residents living in 40 properties that implement IWISH (the “treatment” group) with outcomes for residents living in 84 similar properties that do not implement IWISH (the “control” groups) to assess whether IWISH reduces unplanned hospitalizations and use of other types of acute care, increases the use of primary and nonacute care, and increases the length of stay in housing by reducing transitions to long-term care facilities.

The evaluation has two phases. In Phase 1, the study team evaluated the implementation of the IWISH model for the initial three-year demonstration period (2017-2020). The Phase 2 evaluation builds on findings from the initial phase and will measure impacts of the IWISH model for the two-year extension period (2021-2023) and for the full six-year demonstration period (2017-2023). The research designs for both phases of the evaluation are available at the links below.

Download the Phase 1 IWISH Study Research Design
Download the Phase 2 IWISH Study Research Design