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Peter B. Kahn Biography


Image of Peter B. Kahn, Director

Peter B. Kahn

Mr. Kahn currently serves as the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary and the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Policy Development. Prior to this, Mr. Kahn served as the Director of the Program Parameters and Research Division (PPRD) within the Office of Policy Development and Research, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In that position, he oversees a staff of research economists and social science analysts who are responsible for calculating a variety of HUD program operating parameters. These include: Fair Market Rents, Median Family Incomes and Income Limits, Federal Housing Administration Loan Limits, Annual Adjustment Factors, Operating Cost Adjustment Factors, housing choice voucher Administrative Fee rates, and Renewal Funding Inflation Factors. The division is also responsible for the annual publication of the Picture of Subsidized Households dataset. Before being promoted to the Director of the division, Mr. Kahn was a senior economist on the team.

Prior to joining HUD, Mr. Kahn was a Financial Analysis Director at the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) where he oversaw the data submissions for the Risk Based Capital Model for the Single Family, Mortgage Backed Securities and Mortgage Revenue Bonds (MBS/MRB), and Debt Derivatives and Liquidity and Contingency portfolios to the Federal regulator. Mr. Kahn was responsible for managing the approval and attestation process for the data sent to the regulator along with all required Sarbanes-Oxley documentation.

Mr. Kahn holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from James Madison University and a Master of Arts in Economics from The Johns Hopkins University.