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Todd M. Richardson Biography


Image of Todd M. Richardson, General Deputy Assistant Secretary

Todd M. Richardson

Todd Richardson leads the career staff for HUD's research, data, and technical assistance office, with more than 200 staff that manage national surveys, conduct and manage research and program evaluations, develop program parameter data, and manage technical assistance, among other activities, for all of HUD's major programs.

He has developed a number of funding allocations formulas for HUD programs, including the Indian Housing Block Grant Formula, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program formula, and formulas to allocate post-disaster supplemental appropriations. He used data from multiple federal sources to create detailed housing unit damages post Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. He is also author of a study on how well the Community Development Block Grant targets funds to its intended beneficiaries and has managed numerous program evaluations, including the long-running Moving To Opportunity evaluation that measure the impact on poor families of moving from high poverty neighborhoods to low poverty neighborhoods. In addition to this work, Mr. Richardson has been a HUD Field Economist in Detroit, Michigan; developed scattered site public housing; and was program administrator for a housing non-profit in Saginaw, Michigan. He has also ran a foreclosure rescue program at HUD during the 2010-12 foreclosure crisis. Todd Richardson has a Master of Public Policy from the University of Michigan.