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January 2015 Partners in Progress eNewsletter



January 2015 Partners in Progress eNewsletter

Empowerment and Inclusive Economic Development in South Los Angeles
Substantial changes are taking place in the South Los Angeles neighborhoods that surround Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATTC). Historically home to working-class African-American and Latino families, the area has recently become a magnet of economic development. Situated just east of the corridor, LATTC has been working for nearly 20 years to ensure that development opportunities reach the longterm residents of South Los Angeles. Students in LATTC's community planning program learn through both traditional coursework and hands-on experience in the neighborhoods... Read More

Facilitating Community Change: Auburn University in Uniontown
Located in Alabama's Black Belt, a region named for its fertile soil, Uniontown began as the market center for surrounding plantations and later became a hub for manufacturing. However, the decline of small farms and the globalization of industry have taken a heavy toll on the region's economy, and Uniontown has been particularly hard hit. Despite these challenges, this small town is once again taking control of its future with the assistance of Auburn University and other anchor institutions in the state. Read More


Sustainable Design: At the Intersection of Research and Practice in Tucson

Feature Story

Sustainable Design: At the Intersection of Research and Practice in Tucson
For more than 10 years, the Community Outreach Partnership Center at the University of Arizona's Drachman Institute has been a leader in sustainable community development in the Tucson area. Drachman staff, along with students and faculty in the university's College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA), have implemented projects that span the intersection of research and practice ranging from designing and building resource-efficient housing to accurately measuring housing affordability in the Tucson metropolitan area. Read More

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