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EnVision Center Demonstration

Announced in June of 2018, the communities participating in the Demonstration are listed below. Lead partner organizations are also listed for each respective site. Through results-driven, collective impact partnerships with organizations such as federal agencies, state and local governments, non-profits, faith-based groups, corporations, public housing authorities, and housing finance agencies, EnVision Centers will leverage public-private partnerships to connect households with supportive services that offer pathways to self-sufficiency. The EnVision Center Initiative will demonstrate the value of collaboration.


Announced in June of 2018, the first cohort of communities participating in the Demonstration are listed below. Lead partner organizations are also listed for each respective site.

Bowling Green, KY Housing Authority of Bowling Green

Chicago, IL A Safe Haven

Detroit, MI Detroit Housing Commission
Detroit, MI Life Remodeled

Fort Worth, TX Forth Worth Housing Solutions

Grand Forks, ND Grand Forks Housing Authority

Hartford, CT Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford

Hickory, NC Western Piedmont Council of Governments Regional Housing Authority

Inkster Housing Authority, MI Inkster Housing Commission

Kansas City, KS aSTEAM Village

Kansas City, MO aSTEAM Village

Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Housing Authority

Phillipsburg, NJ Phillipsburg Housing Authority

Poteau, OK Choctaw Nation

San Diego, CA San Diego Housing Commission

Spokane, WA City of Spokane

Washington, DC District of Columbia Housing Authority

Youngstown, OH Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority

June 2018-Present

Key Team Members comprise of HUD personnel and Federal Agency Partners

HUD Partners

Office of Innovation — Chris Bourne, Greg Castello, Trey Hipp, Mitch Margeson, Victoria Masih, Maria Milligan, Larry Ouzts
Office of Policy Development and Research — Justin Brock

Faith and Opportunity Initiative Office — B.J. Douglass, Richard Youngblood
Office of Chief Financial Officer — Alfreda Jones
Office of Community Planning and Development — Jackie Williams
Office of the Deputy Secretary — Carrie Coxen
Office of Field Policy and Management — Jerlinda Banks, Nathan Roush, Akshaya Suresh, Chris Taylor, Jill Yu, Unabyrd Wadhams
Office of Housing — Elizabeth Cochran, Carissa Janis, Laurie Zeitlin
Office of Public and Indian Housing — Jerryl Bennett, Maria-Lana Queen

Federal Partners

Mary Mitchell-Whisnant, Amanda Benton, Ali Abazeed, Casey Sacks, Robert Kight, Kasey O’Conner, Mike Beatty, Pranay K. Udautha, Linda Walker

Development of cross departmental metrics across the four pillars
Operating manual for EnVision Centers
Desired outcomes to be determined