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Pictures of Maria Milligan
Maria Milligan

EnVision Center Showcase 2019

Four EnVision Centers were invited to HUD HQ to share their successes, challenges, and future plans for each of their EnVision Centers. This was an opportunity to showcase the services and achievements of EnVision Centers to our IAWG. Services currently offered at these EnVision Centers include but are not limited to job training, after school activities, home ownership, and health programs which align with the four pillars of the EnVision Center Initiative.

Federal partners got to experience firsthand the successes of EnVision Centers across the country in helping families and individuals towards self-sufficiency.

The EnVision Centers represented were:
Bowling Green — Abraham Williams and Katie Miller
District of Columbia — Brian Harris
Hartford — Courtenay Jackson
Spokane — Kelly Keenan


Hosted at HUD Headquarters in DC

August 1st, 2019

Key Team Members comprise of HUD personnel, EnVision Center administrators and Federal Agency Partners

HUD Partners

Office of Innovation — Chris Bourne, Greg Castello, Mitch Margeson, Victoria Masih, Maria Milligan, Larry Ouzts, Tamika Mountjoy
Office of Field Policy and Management — Benjamin Demarzo, Tim Smyth, Unabyrd Wadhams, Chris Taylor, Nathan Roush and Rommel Calderwood

EnVision Centers

Abraham Williams — Bowling Green EnVision Center
Brian Harris — District of Columbia EnVision Center
Courtenay Jackson — Hartford EnVision Center
Kelly Keenan — Spokane EnVision Center

Federal Partners

Dept. of Agriculture — Alex Cordova
Dept. of Education — Casey Sacks
Dept. of Health and Human Services — Amanda Benton
Dept. of the Interior — Michael Gale
Dept. of Labor — Robert Kight
Dept. of Treasury — Mary Mitchell Whisnant
Environmental Protection Agency — Roy Simon

Increased participation of federal agency partners in types of services provided in EnVision Centers.