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Borrower Beware

Volume 18, Number 2

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga


Borrower Beware

Guest Editor's Introduction
Padmasini Raman and Pamela Lee

Credit Invisibles and the Unscored
Kenneth P. Brevoort, Philipp Grimm, and Michelle Kambara

What’s the Point(s)? Information Content and Messaging Strategies in Mortgage Loan Advertisments
Vanessa G. Perry, Carol M. Motley, and Robert L. Adams, Jr.

A Roll of the Dice: Debt Settlement Still a Risky Strategy for Debt-Burdened Households
Leslie Parrish

Prepurchase Counseling Effects on Mortage Performance: Empirical Analysis of NeighborWorks® America’s Experience
Neil S. Mayer and Kenneth Temkin

Commentary: How Housing Counseling, Financial Education, and Consumer Guardrails Can Support Responsible Borrowers
Sarah Gerecke

Refereed Papers

Housing Decisions Among Low-Income Hispanic Households in Chicago
Laura Carrillo, Mary Pattillo, Erin Hardy, and Dolores Acevedo-Garcia

The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Homeless Policy Networks: A Research Note
Jesus N. Valero and Hee Soun Jang


Data Shop: Trend-Spotting in the Housing Market
Nikos Askitas

Graphic Detail: Leveling the Playing Field: School District Spending in Diverse Communities
Alexander Din

Industrial Revolution: Breathing Wall: Concept and Thermal Performance
Zhiqiang (John) Zhai

Foreign Exchange: Promoting Access to Affordable Housing Finance: Morocco’s Fogarim Guarantee Fund and U.S. Housing Finance
Alven Lam and Christopher Feather

Evaluation Tradecraft: Tracking and Interviewing Family Options Study Participants
Debi McInnis and Brenda Rodriguez

Referees 2015–16



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