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Cityscape: Volume 19 Number 3


Double Issue

Volume 19, Number 3

Mark D. Shroder
Michelle P. Matuga

Planning Livable Communities

Guest Editor's Introduction
Denise G. Fairchild and Patrick J. Revord

HUD’s Sustainable Communities Initiative: An Emerging Model of Place-Based Federal Policy and Collaborative Capacity Building
Lauren C. Heberle, Brandon McReynolds, Steve Sizemore, and Joseph Schilling

Impacts of the Sustainable Communities Initiative on Regional Collaboration, Equity, and Planning: Results of a Survey of Grantee Regions
Elizabeth Mattiuzzi

Civic Infrastructure and Sustainable Regional Planning: Insights From the Sustainable Communities Initiative Regional Planning Grantees
Elizabeth A. Walsh, William J. Becker, Alexandra Judelsohn, and Enjoli Hall

The Impacts of the Sustainable Communities Initiative Regional Planning Grants on Planning and Equity in Three Metropolitan Regions
Juan Sebastian Arias, Sara Draper-Zivetz, and Amy Martin

The Impact of the Sustainable Communities Initiative on Engagement and Collaboration in Planning: Experiences From Four U.S. Regions
Meghan Z. Gough and Jason Reece

Planning Without Agency: Vibrant NEO 2040
Kathryn Wertheim Hexter and Sanda Kaufman

Epistemic Communities or Forced Marriages? Evaluating Collaboration Among Sustainable Communities Initiative Regional Planning Grant Recipients
Karen Chapple, Grace Streltzov, Mariana Blondet, and Cristina Nape

The Family Options Study

Guest Editor's Introduction
Anne Fletcher and Michelle Wood

International Commentary: Family Options Study Observations From the Periphery of Europe
Eoin O’Sullivan

International Commentary: The Implications of the Family Options Study for Family Homelessness in Australia
Guy Johnson and Juliet Watson

International Commentary: Eliminating Family Homelessness and the Family Options Study
Geoffrey Nelson

U.S. Commentary: The Family Options Study and Family Well-Being Outcomes
Marah A. Curtis

U.S. Commentary: The Family Options Study and Food Insecurity
Elaine Waxman

U.S. Commentary: Insights From the Family Options Study Regarding Housing and Intimate Partner Violence
Nicole E. Allen

U.S. Commentary: Implications From the Family Options Study for Homeless and Child Welfare Services
Patrick J. Fowler

U.S. Commentary: Effects of Housing Subsidies on the Well-Being of Children and Their Families in the Family Options Study
Aletha C. Huston

Lessons for Conducting Experimental Evaluations in Complex Field Studies: Family Options Study
Michelle Wood and Anne Fletcher

Mismatch Between Homeless Families and the Homelessness Service System
Marybeth Shinn, Scott R. Brown, Brooke E. Spellman, Michelle Wood, Daniel Gubits, and Jill Khadduri

Risk Models for Returns to Housing Instability Among Families Experiencing Homelessness
Zachary Glendening and Marybeth Shinn

Families’ Experiences of Doubling Up After Homelessness
Hannah Bush and Marybeth Shinn

Family Options Study: Effects on Family Living Situation
Daniel Gubits, Tom McCall, and Michelle Wood

Family Options Study: How Homeless Families Use Housing Choice Vouchers
Claudia D. Solari and Jill Khadduri


Data Shop: Residential Demographic Multipliers: Using Public Use Microdata Sample Records To Estimate Housing Development Impacts
Sidney Wong, Daniel Miles, Gabrielle Connor, Brooke Queenan, and Alison Shott

Graphic Detail: Visualizing Residential Vacancy by Length of Vacancy
Alexander Din

Impact: Instituting Smoke-Free Public Housing: An Economic Analysis
Alastair McFarlane, Yves Djoko, and Alex Woodward

Policy Briefs: HOPE and Choice for HUD-Assisted Households
Paul Joice

Evaluation Tradecraft: Real Estate Analysis as a Tool for Program Evaluation
Jaime Bordenave and Dennis Stout

Affordable Design: 2017 Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition: Woodhill Homes, Cleveland, Ohio
compiled by Regina Gray

Request for Proposals: Competition To Conduct Analysis of HUD’s Randomized Evaluation Data

Correction: Bridging the Gap to Scalable Community Reinvestment Lending Programs
Roberto G. Quercia and Sarah Riley

Correction: Community Reinvestment Act and Local Governance Contexts: Advancing the Future of Community Reinvestment?
Colleen Casey, Joseph Farhat, and Gregory Cartwright

Correction: The HECM Program in a Snapshot
George R. Carter III and Joshua J. Miller



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