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Residential Structural Design Guide - Second Edition


Authors: Coulbourne Consulting    

Report Acceptance Date: October 2017 (403 pages)

Posted Date: October 10, 2017

The complexity of homes, the use of innovative materials and technologies, and the increased population in high-hazard areas of the United States have introduced many challenges to the building industry and design profession. These challenges call for the development and continual improvement of efficient engineering methods for housing applications as well as for the education of designers in addressing structural design issues in homes. This text helps to document and improve the structural engineering issues related to housing design and performance. It complements current design practices and building code requirements with technical information and guidance. In doing so, it supplements fundamental engineering principles with various technical resources and insights that focus on improving the understanding of conventional and engineered housing construction. The guide may be viewed as a “living document” subject to further improvement as the art and science of housing design evolves.

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