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Case Studies of Vouchered-Out Assisted Properties


Authors: Varady, David     Walker, Carole C.     Rutgers University    

Report Acceptance Date: May 1998 (410 pages)

Posted Date: March 30, 2007

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To reduce housing costs and provide better housing, HUD has gradually been moving from project-based housing assistance to Section 8 certificates and vouchers that tenants may use wherever they choose. HUD recently closed four developments that provided project-based assistance where the Department paid a subsidy to the tenants only as long as they lived in the development. When the developments deteriorated to the point at which it was not feasible to continue to operate them, HUD closed the developments and helped relocate the tenants using tenant-based Section 8 assistance. The relocation process in these developments provided an opportunity to study what happens when low-income residents attempt to move from project-based to tenant-based assistance. This process of converting from project-based subsidies to tenant-based assistance is known as vouchering out.

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* Download Part II (*.pdf, 4.45 MB)


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