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Why Not In Our Community? Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing (Febuary 2005)


Report Acceptance Date: February 2005 (31 pages)

Posted Date: February 01, 2005

Regulatory barriers were exposed as a problem 13 years ago, when the Advisory Commission on Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing submitted its report, "Not in My Back Yard": Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing. Its basic finding was that exclusionary, discriminatory, or unnecessary regulations constituted barriers to affordable housing. Now this report updates the status of this problem and highlights the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) commitment to work with states and communities to do away with the regulatory barriers that drive up housing costs and reduce the nation's stock of affordable housing. Some progress is evident, but the problem persists. This update describes recent trends in regulatory barriers to affordable housing, reviews recent efforts by states and local communities to reduce these barriers, and details actions taken by HUD to eliminate regulatory barriers.

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