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Building the Organizations That Build Communities


Posted Date: July 01, 2004

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Strengthening the Capacity of Faith- and Community-Based Development Organizations

* Table of Contents (*.pdf, 93.1 KB)

* Forward (*.pdf, 175 KB)

* Introduction (*.pdf, 103 KB)

* Section 1 - Defining The Issues (*.pdf, 423 KB)

* Editor's Note (*.pdf, 57.9 KB)

* Limitations to Organizational and Leadership Progress IN Community Development: An Overview -- Roland V. Anglin and Rolando D. Herts (*.pdf, 131 KB)

* Religion’s Investment and Involvement in Community-Based Economic Development: An Overview -- Elliot Wright (*.pdf, 137 KB)

* Faith and Mortar: Religious Organizations and Affordable Housing Strategy in Urban America -- Xavier de Souza Briggs (*.pdf, 150 KB)

* Supporting the Community Development Movement: The Achievements and Challenges of Intermediary Organizations -- Roland V. Anglin and Susanna C. Montezemolo (*.pdf, 159 KB)

* Strengthening the Street Saints: Intermediaries Providing Capacity-Building Assistance to Faith-Based Organizations -- Amy L. Sherman (*.pdf, 172 KB)

* Section II. Current Research on Building the Capacity of Community Development Organizations (*.pdf, 608 KB)

* Editor's Note (*.pdf, 62.5 KB)

* Replacing Passionate Leaders: The Current Challenge for Community Development -- Aida Rodriguez and Nina Herzog (*.pdf, 310 KB)

* Building the Capacity of Community-Based Development Organizations: The Case of Community Development Partnerships -- Norman J. Glickman (*.pdf, 151 KB)

* Capacity Building: The Case of Faith-Based Organizations -- Michael Leo Owens (*.pdf, 253 KB)

* Expanding Organizational Capacity: The Human Capital Development Initiative -- Norman J. Glickman, Donita Devance-Manzini, and Sean DiGiovanna (*.pdf, 121 KB)

* The Role of Employee Benefits in Building a High-Impact, High-Performance Community-Based Development Organization -- Roland V. Anglin and Joseph McNeely (*.pdf, 244 KB)

* Learning From Adversity: The CDC School of Hard Knocks -- William M. Rohe, Rachel Bratt, and Protip Biswas (*.pdf, 136 KB)

*Section III. Training and Capacity (*.pdf, 365 KB)

* Editor's Note (*.pdf, 62.5 KB)

* The Leadership Challenge: Creating an Enduring Organization -- Robert O. Zdenek and Carol Steinbach (*.pdf, 101 KB)

* The History and Future of Training and Education for Faith-Based and Community Development -- Joseph McNeely (*.pdf, 201 KB)

* Urban Ministry Training and Capacity-Building Programs of Faith-Based Organizations -- David J. Frenchak (*.pdf, 131 KB)

* Education and Training for Community Development -- Neil S. Mayer (*.pdf, 192 KB)

* Section IV. The Role of Performance Measures in Expanding Capacity (*.pdf, 181 KB)

* Editor's Note (*.pdf, 62.5 KB)

* Organizational Capacity: Issues and Concerns Regarding Performance Standards -- Rikki Abzug and Mary R. Watson (*.pdf, 140 KB)

* Participatory Outcomes-Based Evaluation: The Success Measures Process and Data System -- Virginia Seitz and Margaret Grieve (*.pdf, 114 KB)

* Compendium Summary (*.pdf, 68.1 KB)

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