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Characteristics of New Housing - Current Construction Reports, 1998


Report Acceptance Date: July 1999 (74 pages)

Posted Date: July 01, 1999

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This report provides annual estimates on selected physical and financial characteristics of new housing. The first 18 tables provide data on new housing units completed, with Tables 1 through 16 showing data by purpose of construction. Data are shown for the United States, inside or outside of metropolitan areas, and within each census region. Table 1 presents summary data for all housing units completed. Table 2 through 16 provide specific physical or financial characteristic data for one-family houses completed. Tables 17 and 18 provide data on specific physical characteristics of multifamily buildings (more than one unit in the building) and their units. Tables 19 through 25b provide financial and physical characteristics data on new one-family houses sold. This includes one-family houses sold under condominium arrangements. Tables 26 and 27 provide financial characteristics data for contrator-built houses started. Tables 28 through 30 provide data on HUD-coded manufactured homes placed for residential use.

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