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Commentary on the Prescriptive Method for Residential Cold-Formed Steel Framing, Second Edition


Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc.    

Report Acceptance Date: November 1997 (190 pages)

Posted Date: November 01, 1997

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Due to the growing popularity of steel as a framing material in home construction, HUD and the National Association of Home Builders have updated standards for using cold-formed steel framing in one- and two-family houses and townhouses. Prescriptive Method for Residential Cold-Formed Steel Framing, 2nd ed., and the companion Commentary on the Prescriptive Method for Residential Cold-Formed Steel Framing, 2nd ed., offers practical recommendations to builders and code officials on the application and performance of this important construction material.

The sometimes dramatic fluctuations in the price of construction lumber have increased interest in cold-formed steel framing. As a framing material, steel offers many benefits: price stability, consistent quality, functional comparability with wood framing, growing market acceptance, and resistance to fire, rot, and termites. But the uncertainty caused by a lack of clear code provisions has limited its use. These two new volumes encourage including steel framing in formalized building codes and conventions, as well as increasing its use by the homebuilding industry.

Prescriptive Method provides basic descriptive information on steel framing that architects, builders, and regulatory officials need to assess its use. It standardizes the basic cold-formed steel members, provides labeling guidelines, and gives minimum corrosion protection requirements. The volume includes tables citing recommended spans for floor joists, ceiling joists, rafters, and studs, as well as requirements for wall bracing and connections. Using current research, Prescriptive Method documents the rationale and decisions behind the recommended provisions, gives guidance on use of the provisions, and presents engineering calculations. The companion Commentary provides background, supplemental information, engineering assumptions and methods, and detailed calculations in the 4-year research project.

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