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Affordable Housing Design Advisor

Release Date: 
January 2001
Posted Date:   
January 1, 2001

The Affordable Housing Design Advisor is a new, CD-ROM based tool designed to help the developers, sponsors and users of affordable housing understand what constitutes quality design, why it is worth striving for, and how to achieve it in their own projects. HUD’s objective is to dramatically increase the “design literacy” of the many non-designers whose activities are central to affordable housing production. The Design Advisor is organized into three core content areas:

1. What is Good Design?
2. Why is Design Important?
3. How Can I Get A Well Designed Project?

Each area provides plain English, action-oriented guidance complemented by case study examples of successful projects and strategies. Of particular note are the “20 Steps to Design Quality” which provide clear direction on how the process of delivering an affordable housing project unfolds and where design considerations can and must fit in. This step-by-step guidance also forms the basis of the “Project Book,” a 100 page, design-focused workbook which accompanies the Design Advisor CD-ROM.

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