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Floor Vibration Criterion for Cold-Formed C-Shaped Supported Residential Floor Systems


Report Acceptance Date: February 1997 (142 pages)

Posted Date: February 01, 1997

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Floor vibration due to normal human activity were investigated for cold-formed steel C-shaped residential floors systems to recommend a suitable design criterion. Dynamic impact and static loading tests were performed on twelve full size laboratory valuation, in terms of annoying vibration levels, of all floors was recorded. Four existing floor vibration criteria were investigated. Data collected from testing was used to determine which of the four existing criteria best classified the perceived vibration level of the floors. One criterion is suggested as the most suitable for predicting the perceived level of steel-framed residential floors. Three methods to predict the vertical deflection of a floor subject to a concentrated lad at mid-bay were examined. The results of applying these methods to the laboratory floors were compared to the actual measured values. The method which correlated best with the measured values was selected for use in the proposed criterion.

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