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Innovative Residential Floor Construction: Horizontal Diaphragm Values for Cold-Formed Steel Framing


Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc.    

Report Acceptance Date: March 1999 (20 pages)

Posted Date: March 01, 1999

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For centuries home builders in the United States have made wood their material of choice because of its satisfactory performance, abundant supply, and relatively low cost. However, over the past several years, lumber prices have experienced unpredictable price fluctuations that affect affordability. Builders have also voiced concerns with lumber quality. Consequently, builders and other providers of affordable housing are seeking functional and competitive alternative building materials and methods.

Use of cold-formed steel framing in the residential market has increased over the past several years because of previous cooperative efforts by HUD and industry to implement cost-effective alternative materials and methods. However, its use is still very limited, partly because steel is just beginning a process of being integrated into the conventional framing systems of homes. Properly focusing this process is crucial to the reasonable use of this technology in the home building industry.

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