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Insulating Concrete Forms: Comparative Thermal Performance


Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc.    

Report Acceptance Date: December 1999 (26 pages)

Posted Date: December 01, 1999

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Three side-by-side homes were evaluated to gain a better understanding of the performance of Insulating Concrete Form systems relative to more-conventional construction. Two of the homes were constructed with insulating concrete forms (ICF) and one home was constructed with traditional 2x4 wood walls. All three homes have identical orientation, window area, roof construction, footprint, ductwork, and air handler systems. The methods and materials used to build these homes represent current practice to construct modest, affordable single-family homes in this region of the United States. The homes were constructed specifically for this project.

This report addresses long-term energy performance monitoring, energy modeling, and thermal comfort analysis. The testing was conducted over a one-year period beginning in April 1998. Previous evaluation of these homes for construction costs and sound transmission characteristics were reported in Insulating Concrete Forms: Installed Cost and Acoustic Performance, March 1999.

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