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Advanced Panelized Construction


Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc.    

Report Acceptance Date: June 2002 (14 pages)

Posted Date: June 01, 2002

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The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) promotes the application of technology to improve the affordability and value of new and existing homes. The PATH program partners recognize the importance of setting priorities for research and technology development that will enable the home building industry to work towards the PATH mission. This priority-setting is known as "roadmapping."

As part of the Technology Roadmap Series, this report explores the potential advantages of shifting away from "construction in place" with respect to labor skills, quality control, standardization, and economical engineering. Panelization technologies promise significant benefits.

Some of the concepts that are further examined include:

  • Integrated wall, floor and roof systems.
  • Homogeneous wall panels (for example, are extruded wall panels viable?).
  • Pre-cast insulated wall panels and panelized roof components.
  • Interlocking roof sections.

To learn more about PATH, visit the PATH Web Site. More information on the Technology Roadmap Series is also available on the PATH Roadmapping Web Site.

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