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Technology Roadmap: Advanced Panelized Construction - 2003 Progress Report


Authors: Newport Partners, LLC    

Report Acceptance Date: May 2004 (29 pages)

Posted Date: May 01, 2004

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The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) is pleased to present the Advanced Panelized Construction Roadmap. Much progress has been made since the Year 1 Progress report in helping to develop the next generation of advanced panel systems for the benefit of the American home buyer.

The PATH program, administered by HUD, is focused on improving the affordability and value of new and existing homes. Through private and public cooperation, PATH is working to improve energy efficiency, environmental impact, durability and maintenance, hazard resistance, and labor safety relative to new and existing homes. To accomplish this, PATH has identified priority strategies and activities that will enable government and industry to jointly fulfill the PATH mission. We refer to this priority-setting process as roadmapping. The Advanced Panelized Construction Roadmap is one of five roadmaps under development to date. The other roadmaps are: 1. Information Technology to Accelerate and Streamline Home Building 2. Whole-House and Building Process Redesign, 3. Energy Efficiency in Existing Homes, and 4. Technology Roadmapping for Manufactured Housing.

Panel technologies offer promise to the building industry in several ways. The introduction of advanced factory-built components can create labor efficiencies, reduce cycle time, and improve the overall efficient use of materials. Other benefits include less waste and on-site theft.

We invite manufacturers, builders, trade contractors, researchers, and others to examine this roadmap and encourage their participation in the development and adoption of the next generation of building panel technology.

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