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Technology Roadmap: Whole House and Building Process Redesign - 2003 Progress Report


Authors: Newport Partners, LLC    

Report Acceptance Date: May 2004 (36 pages)

Posted Date: May 01, 2004

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This interim report, Whole House and Building Process Redesign Roadmap, documents progress in the development of a technology roadmap that addresses the "whole house" perspective on home building, and the entirety of the home building process. Roadmap development was initiated in 2001, and a status report on year one activities was published in 2002. This interim roadmap report incorporates the results of activities and work performed since early 2002.

The subject matter defined in the Year One progress report for this roadmap is broad, loosely defined and largely conceptual, resting on broad mandates such as "Change the Home Building Paradigm." This may be appropriate or even necessary at early stages in the process, but it defers the difficult task of creating a final, operational roadmap from the first year's report. Thus, it has been challenging to balance the desire for an overarching vision and lofty goals with the practical realities of a large and diverse industry that is reluctant to change, and a small annual budget with which to bring about change. To solve this dilemma we have gathered input from a wide range of interests in creating this document, which is part "roadmap" and part strategy for working towards a comprehensive, integrated whole house roadmap that is relevant to the segments of the industry which produce industrialized housing, both modular and manufactured, as well as to site built housing. Our priority was to produce a useful document delineating necessary activities and projects by which the industry could measure progress rather than to put out a final document resting on unachievable or overly-broad strategies.

New technologies and processes as described in this document offer promise to the building industry in many ways. The adoption of innovative business practices from other industries and the integration of various subsystems of the home into a systems-based approach will offer further improvements in durability, cost effectiveness, and cycle time. We invite manufacturers, builders, trade contractors, researchers, and others to examine this roadmap, request information on ongoing or potential research projects, and actively participate as it is further expanded and implemented.

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