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Assessment of State Initiatives to Promote Redevelopment of Brownfields


Authors: ICF Consulting     E.P. Systems Group, Inc.    

Report Acceptance Date: December 1999 (54 pages)

Posted Date: December 01, 1999

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The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of the current regulatory and economic development initiatives of states that could help promote the economic revitalization of depressed neighborhoods through the redevelopment of brownfield sites.

Four central research questions were developed to guide the research process of this study:

1. Do variable cleanup standards that permit site mitigation based upon intended uses, rather than any background standard, lower cleanup costs and thus result in greater cleanup activity?

2. Do institutional controls, embedding land use limits in deeds and easements, combined with such variable standards, stimulate development?

3. What is the relative importance of regulatory reforms and financial incentives in stimulating economic development of brownfields properties, and which specific mix of these interventions appears to be most effective?

4. How does the impact of these programs vary with the size or type of the proposed redevelopment effort?


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