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The Status of Building Regulations for Housing Rehabilitation, 1996


Report Acceptance Date: August 1995

Posted Date: August 01, 1995

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This report describes the results of the first National Symposium on the Status of Building Rehabilitation Regulations, sponsored by HUD in 1995. The report describes the model codes -- the Southern Building Code Congress International, the International Code of Building Officials, and the Building Officials Code of America -- and their enforcement. The report highlights the experiences of three States -- Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey -- with their own rehabilitation regulations. The symposium participants also recommended that HUD: (1) develop a national policy on housing rehabilitation; (2) conduct a nationwide survey of rehabilitation code enforcement; (3) create self-contained, national model rehabilitation code provisions to be proposed for adoption by the three model code organizations; (4) identify acceptable compliance alternatives to regulatory requirements; and (5) prepare practical guidance materials containing methods of complying with rehabilitation-related legislative mandates.

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