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An Evaluation of the FHIP Private Enforcement Initiative Testing Demonstration

Release Date: 
April 1996 (132 pages)
Posted Date:   
April 1, 1996

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This report presents the results of a three-pronged evaluation of the Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) testing demonstration: (1) a survey of individuals and organizations throughout the nation who are knowledgeable about testing and the FHIP program, (2) a statistical analysis of fair housing complaints submitted to private fair housing groups, and (3) a review of fair housing court decisions involving the use of testing. The report begins with an overview of the program and salient findings. It then describes the testing demonstration and congressionally mandated guidelines before turning to a discussion of evaluation issues and research methods. The report also summarizes survey data from interested individuals and organizations and describes the impact of FHIP on private fair housing groups funded by the testing demonstration. A statistical analysis of fair housing complaints precedes a section covering FHIP guidelines issues in fair housing court decisions. Findings include that although FHIP appears to be viewed as a successful program, it must engender greater communication, outreach, and collaboration among all parties involved.

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