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Homeownership Rate Differences Between Hispanics and Non-Hispanic Whites: Regional Variation at the County Level - Empirical Studies


Report Acceptance Date: March 2006 (82)

Posted Date: June 02, 2006

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Most studies have identified homeownership rate gaps between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites at the broad regional level that are in the range of 20 to 40 percent. The lower homeownership rates of Hispanic headed households compared to those headed by non-Hispanic whites have usually been explained by variables that include age structure, immigrant status and duration of residence in the U.S., country of origin and citizenship, income and wealth, and household type. This study examines the 25 counties in each of the four Census Regions of the United States with the largest regional Hispanic population in 2000. The non-Hispanic white/Hispanic homeownership rate gap for 25-34 year olds in this sample of 100 counties is examined against other economic and demographic differences between non-Hispanic whites and Hispanics in order to better understand the importance of these explanatory variables in accounting for homeownership rate gaps.

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