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Discrimination in Metropolitan Housing Markets: Phase 3 - Native Americans


Posted Date: March 30, 2005

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For convenience, the report is available for download in PDF format. Your options for downloading are as follows:

  1. Executive Summary Only (.pdf 222KB)
    The Executive Summary provides a general overview of the major findings and the methods used to develop the estimates.
  2. The Full Phase 3 Report with Annexes (.pdf 1.78 MB)

    This is the full report, including the Executive Summary.

    • Chapter 1 provides a description of the paired testing methodology generally along with an overview of the scope of the study.
    • Chapter 2 presents the methodology implemented in Phase III of HDS2000, including the samples of metropolitan areas in which tests were conducted, the procedures used to draw samples of available housing units in each of these metropolitan areas, the testing protocols implemented for both rental and sales housing, and the statistical procedures used to estimate the incidence of adverse treatment.
    • Chapter 3 presents state-level estimates of adverse treatment against American Indians, incorporating both large and smaller metropolitan areas.
    • Chapter 4 provides a three-state estimate of rental discrimination against Native Americans when they inquire about a unit for rent and discusses the implications of this pilot effort for further research testing focusing on discrimination against American Indians."

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