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Hope VI: Building Communities, Transforming Lives


Report Acceptance Date: December 1999 (16 pages)

Posted Date: December 01, 1999

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HUD's HOPE VI program is transforming severely distressed public housing and the lives of its residents. The vast majority of the nation's public housing provides safe, decent and affordable housing to millions of very low-income families. Unfortunately, this success is often overshadowed by the very visible failure of a small percentage of developments.

Since its creation in l993, HOPE VI has replaced these dilapidated high-rises and barracks-style buildings with beautiful new neighborhoods that provide homes for people of all ages, race and incomes. However, HOPE VI is much more than bricks and mortar. It is creating communities of opportunity where children can grow up safe and strong, and where parents can find meaningful jobs and provide for their families.

The transformations spurred by HOPE VI do not come quickly or easily. But in Boston and Orlando, Indianapolis and Tucson, and dozens of other cities, the old signs of poverty and neglect are giving way to new signs of hope for distressed public housing.

Read more about how HOPE VI is transforming cities across the country in this 17-page, color brochure.

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