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Study on Section 8 Voucher Success Rates

Release Date: 
November 2001 (134 pages)
Posted Date:   
November 1, 2001

The purpose of the study is to estimate the national success rate for voucher holders in metropolitan areas and to explore the factors that affect chances for success (e.g., market tightness, voucher holder characteristics, and housing authority policies and procedures). This study is based on a sample of over 2,600 voucher holders who were issued vouchers in the spring and summer of 2000. The vouchers were issued by 48 Public PHAs who operated in metropolitan areas of the lower 48 states and had at least 800 voucher slots.

The "Study on Section 8 Voucher Success Rates is a two-volume set. This volume, Volume I, it the "Quantitative Study of Success Rates in Metropolitan Areas." The companion volume, Volume II is entitles "Qualitative Study of Five Rural Areas."

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