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Evaluation of the Service Coordinator Program


Release Date: 
August 1996 (Vol.I-182 pages, Vol.II-182 pages)
Posted Date:   
March 25, 2008

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The study had five primary objectives:

  1. To describe the projects and residents in the SCP;
  2. To describe the implementation and ongoing operations of individual SCPs;
  3. To assess resident satisfaction with the program;
  4. To identify roadblocks to program implementation; and
  5. To identify improvements to the SCP, including the annual reporting process to HUD.

Volume 1


* Volume 1: Study Findings (*.pdf, 2.6 MB)

Volume 2


* Introduction (*.pdf, 366 KB)
* Case Study A (*.pdf, 12.7 MB)
* Case Study B (*.pdf, 11.4 MB)
* Appendix (*.pdf, 713 KB)


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