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Sabbatical-in-Residence Program


Sabbatical-in-Residence Program

Posted Date: January 13, 2012

Agency: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Program Office: Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R)

The Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) invites scholars and academics to apply for its Sabbatical-in-Residence program. Through this program, researchers on sabbatical have the opportunity to work within PD&R and support HUD staff to advance current policy.

Assignments will be made under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program which enables the placement of employees of institutions of higher education and other non-profits within HUD and provides unique opportunity to partner with the agency by expanding its capacity to meet goals and objectives. IPA assignees benefit from program and developmental experience that will enhance contributions in their regular work, assist the agency in the transfer and use of new technologies and approaches to solving governmental problems; and facilitate an effective avenue for involving the academic community in the development and implementation of Federal policy and programs.

The Department, with endorsement by the President, has identified several national challenges in the economic, social and energy areas that will require a more expansive role for housing and community development. HUD is interested in engaging researchers with specific knowledge and expertise to advance policy development in each of the following areas:

Multifamily Housing Finance: While the impact of the housing crisis on the single-family ownership product has received considerable focus, much less attention has been given to the plight of multifamily properties and its market segment. In light of the fact that this segment of the real estate market is experiencing significant stresses, HUD is interested in engaging researchers with knowledge and experience in studying this property type.

Affordable Housing Finance: The Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) has become a collateral victim of the housing crisis. Many of the largest investors no longer significantly participate in the program, with the result being a large decline in the price for tax credits. Consequently, developers and state agencies find themselves with projects that are not financially viable. The Department seeks researchers with research expertise in affordable housing finance and production as well as with the preservation of affordable rental housing.

Cost-Effectiveness: The recent declining economic times and scarce federal resources for discretionary federal programs have increased the importance of finding ways to maximize the cost-effectiveness of HUD’s programs. One dimension of this is understanding how the provision of housing results in cost savings in other federal, state and local programs. Researchers with interests or agendas focusing on this issue are desired.

Elderly Issues: With the aging of the baby boomers and the problems facing current seniors, the ability to identify adequate and affordable housing options has become a critical housing issue. Current projections indicate that 70 percent of people currently turning 65 will need long-term care or supportive services at some point during their remaining lifetime. In a recent survey of 1.21 million elderly households, health and housing issues related to growing older surfaced thus indicating concerns where HUD could benefit from additional expertise. HUD seeks researchers with agendas on housing and elderly populations, including service provision and issues associated with aging in place.

Sustainability: HUD is interested in identifying researchers with an expertise regarding how the implementation of particular zoning, land use, and coordinated transportation/ housing planning strategies translate into behavioral changes among the citizenry. In addition, those with a background involving the study of how sustainable development and living principles affect social interactions and personal choices are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

While these are currently of particular priority, candidates with expertise and interests in other areas may also be selected. Thus, scholars with interests relevant to HUD and its mission beyond those highlighted above are strongly encouraged to apply.



The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's mission is to increase homeownership, support community development and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination. To fulfill this mission, HUD will embrace high standards of ethics, management and accountability and forge new partnerships--particularly with faith-based and community organizations--that leverage resources and improve HUD's ability to be effective on the community level.

The Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research (PD&R) is the principal advisor to the Secretary on overall Departmental policy, program evaluation, and research. This responsibility includes analyzing and recommending new and revised policies, programs and legislative proposals; developing a robust, comprehensive research agenda and administering this program through technical and experimental studies and demonstrations; providing economic intelligence and analysis for Departmental use; and serving as the focal point within the Department for coordination of research and program evaluation with other federal agencies, public and private organizations, the housing industry and financial markets, as well as international organizations and other countries.



This assignment is temporary and designed to be encumbered in a full-time capacity for a time period ranging from three months to up to one year. This assignment is non-reimbursable and the applicants are responsible for all salary, travel, housing and other related provisions.

To receive full consideration for this opportunity, interested applicants will prepare and submit a brief statement outlining their specific skill and knowledge related to the current challenges facing the Department and to the applicable area of focus identified above and explain how your experience would be beneficial. Applicants must also detail their college/university sabbatical rules and regulations. PD&R will determine, at its discretion, the selection of program participants. Once selected, the participant, in concert with the college/university, will sign the Assignment Agreement (OF-69) which constitutes the written record of the obligations and responsibilities of the parties to the assignment.

Completed application material should be submitted by February 29, 2012 via e-mail to:






    • The assignments will be provided by Headquarters staff in Washington, DC; however, work may take place in HUD’s Regional/Field Offices.

    • The college or university will be responsible for salary and benefits.

    • As appropriate through the IPA Mobility Program, PD&R can supplement the successful applicant’s salary and cover travel and living expenses.

    • These assignments may be terminated at any time by either party.

    • Participation in this program does not infer employment with the Federal Government and successful applicant will continue to be employed by his/her current employer.