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Finance and Investment — Sources

Gross Domestic Product

  • Annual and quarterly estimates for “GDP percent change based on chained 2005 dollars” are from:

  • Annual and monthly estimates for “Residential Fixed Investment percent change based on chained 2005 dollars” are from:
    (Table 1.1.1. Percent Change From Preceding Period in Real Gross Domestic Product ) (Users can click on “options” to select quarterly or annual estimates)

  • Annual and quarterly estimate for “Contributions to Percent Change in Real Gross Domestic Product” are from:
    (Table 1.1.2. Contributions to Percent Change in Real Gross Domestic Product ) (Users can click on “options” to select quarterly or annual estimates)

Value of New Construction Put in Place, Private Residential Buildings

Freddie Mac Advertised Mortgage Interest Rates

FHFA Closed Loan Mortgage Rates

FHA Unassisted Multifamily Mortgage Insurance Activity

  • Annual Estimates are from HUD Office of Multifamily Housing Development, FHA F-47 Data Series.

  • “Construction of New Rental Units” includes new construction and substantial rehabilitation under Sections 207, 220, and 221(d).

  • “Purchase or Refinance of Existing Rental Units” includes purchases or refinance of existing rental housing under Section 223.

  • “Other Housing” includes congregate housing under Section 231; nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and board and care facilities under Section 232. Both include new construction or substantial rehabilitation and purchase or refinance of existing projects. Number of units shown includes number of beds and housing units.

FHA Mortgage Market Share by Dollar Volume and FHA Mortgage Market Share by Loan Count

  • Quarterly and Annual estimates are from:

  • Note: FHA market share estimates have been revised from Q1 2011 to Q4 2012 based on new methodology and estimates for Q1 2013 and onward are also based on the new methodology. See the Q3 2013 FHA Market Share report on the FHA Market Share website for an explanation of the new methodology.

  • The data presented includes first-lien mortgages originated in each time period. The amounts represented here are based on date of loan origination and thus will vary from what are shown in reports that summarize FHA insurance activity by insurance endorsement date.

1-4 Family Mortgage Insurance Activity

  • Monthly and Annual FHA estimates for 2012 and 2013 are from Total applications are from Table 4 and Total Endorsements and Purchase Endorsements are from Table 3. Beginning in January 2012, FHA applications, endorsements, and purchase endorsements no longer reflect Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) activity.

  • Estimates prior to 2012 were compiled by HUD from FHA and include HECM activity.

  • Other data are compiled from Department of Veterans Affairs and Private Mortgage Companies of America.

  • Beginning in 2008, data is from PMI-Net Certificates including Radian Guaranty, which represents roughly 17 percent of the private mortgage insurance market.

  • FHA numbers may differ slightly from FHA’s adjusted accounting numbers.