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Preparing for the "Big-One": Saving Lives Through Earthquake Mitigation in Los Angeles, California, 1995


Report Acceptance Date: January 1995 (67 pages)

Posted Date: January 01, 1995

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This report focuses on the earthquake mitigation needs of Los Angeles, California by discussing steps that can be taken to minimize injury and loss of life in future earthquakes. The report first provides an overview of existing mitigation programs and then explores mitigation actions for hospitals, schools, housing, utilities, and transportation networks. Although Federal, State, and local agencies have brought together considerable resources for natural disaster response and recovery, a more proactive commitment is needed from all of them to save lives in future disasters. The report suggests that States explore innovative strategies that would allow them to meet matching requirements for Federal Emergency Management Agency funds. The report also suggests that cities in vulnerable areas create computerized inventories of buildings and that Federal agencies identify and review barriers to use of Federal disaster recovery and mitigation programs. Finally, further research on vulnerable building types and their seismic performance is needed.

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