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Understanding Rapid Re-housing: Findings from Initial Interviews with Rapid Re-housing Participants


Authors: Jefferson, Anna     Thomas, Hannah     Khadduri, Jill     Mahathey, Anna     Dunton, Lauren     Abt Associates    

Report Acceptance Date: July 2019 (47 pages)

Posted Date: February 19, 2020

The Understanding Rapid Re-housing study seeks to shed light on the current state of rapid re-housing (RRH) with regard to participant experiences as well as program practices in different types of communities. To carry out the study, Abt Associates is synthesizing the current body of research available on RRH, conducting new analyses of existing data, and collecting new data to analyze current RRH program designs and households’ experiences using RRH assistance. The report included here, “Findings from Initial Interviews with Rapid Re-housing Participants” describes findings from one-time in-depth interviews with 30 RRH participants in two communities at different stages of RRH—six enrolled in RRH but still in emergency shelter, 18 currently receiving RRH assistance, and six who had exited RRH in the past six months. This report found that participants reported some anxiety, but also a sense of motivation, around the variation in rental assistance. At the same many were concerned about how they would be able to maintain their housing in the long term. The study concludes in September 2020, and one further product containing follow-up interviews with these RRH enrollees is anticipated.

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Publication Categories: Publications     Homelessness and Special Needs Services    


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