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The President's 1978 National Urban Policy Report: A Biennial Report to the Congress Submitted Pursuant to Sections 702 and 703(a), National Urban Policy and New Communities Development Act, as Amended in 1977


Report Acceptance Date: August 1978 (148 pages)

Posted Date: April 23, 2024

This report describes the process of creating a national urban policy, summarizes the views presented at various forums, and describes some of the data and analyses relied upon by urban policymakers. The paper is divided into six sections: 1) the process of urbanization; 2) changing population trends and economic activity; 3) changes in energy and resource availability; 4) problems faced by communities in transition; 5) government and private activities to address urban needs; and 6) the processes, principles, objectives, and strategies recommended to the President.

Six (6) President's National Urban Policy Reports are available on HUD User:

The President's National Urban Policy Reports


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