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Housing in the Seventies

Report Acceptance Date: 
1974 (276 Pages)
Posted Date:   
March 27, 2012

From very modest beginnings barely 40 years ago, the influence of the Federal Government on the ways Americans build, finance, manage, and maintain their housing has grown dramatically. Today there is not a single significant aspect of the vast, diverse, and complex housing market that is not affected by governmental action in one form or another.

This phenomenon is particularly remarkable when one considers that for more than a century and a half-from agrarian times through the transition to an industrialized and increasingly urban society-the Federal Government had left the problem of housing up to the individual and the private market. This attitude changed in the mid-1930's, primarily as a result of the Great Depression. From that point on, hardly a year went by when Congress did not pass some new form of housing legislation.

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