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Evaluation Of The Urban Initiatives Anti-Crime Program - Toledo OH Case Study


Authors: Police Foundation    

Report Acceptance Date: 1984 (25 Pages)

Posted Date: February 07, 2012

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The city of Toledo is located in northwest Ohio on the agriculturally rich plains of Lucas County. That county's largest city, Toledo is an industrial, solidly Democratic city surrounded by one of the staunchest Republican areas in the nation. A factory town settled within the "industrial triangle" formed by Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago, the city is closely associated with the automobile industry and particularly noted for the production of automobile glass. It is also popularly known as the home of "Willy's Jeep." With port facilities on Lake Erie located proximal to the nation's principal east-west railroad lines, Toledo sits on a major transportation artery.

This report is part of the collection of scanned historical documents available to the public.

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