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Implementing a Quality Assurance System: A Trade Contractor Case Study


Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc.    

Report Acceptance Date: November 2001 (51 pages)

Posted Date: November 01, 2001

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Improving trade quality is one of the most challenging yet potentially most rewarding areas for improving tomorrow’s homes. In response to this challenge, HUD, through our Partnership for Advancing Technology (PATH) program, commissioned the NAHB Research Center to develop a program of quality assurance for contractors that provide the wood framing for the majority of America’s homes. The initial result of this effort was a publication entitled Quality Assurance System for Wood Framing Contractors. It was envisioned that, if successful, this approach could be applied to additional trades in homebuilding. The project involved govern-ment, industry associations, builders, and trade contractors all working together to develop the quality system and the tools to implement this system in construction operations.

This publication, Implementing a Quality Assurance System: A Trade Contractor Case Study reports on the second phase of this effort. It documents the experiences of builders and contractors that have tested this assurance system in the real world. The Report documents the experiences, methods, and results of contrac-tors that implemented the system.


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