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American Institute of Architects - Housing and Community Design Awards

The Office of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in conjunction with the Residential Knowledge Community of The American Institute of Architects (AIA), recognizes excellence in affordable housing, community-based design, participatory design, and accessibility. These awards demonstrate that design matters and provide examples of important benchmarks in the housing industry. Awards are offered in four categories: Community–Informed Design Award, Creating Community Connection Award, Excellence in Affordable Housing Design Award, and Housing Accessibility— Alan J. Rothman Award.

AIA - Housing and Community Design Awards


Housing Accessibility - Alan J. Rothman Award
The purpose of this award is to show exemplary projects that demonstrate excellence in improving housing accessibility for people with disabilities.

The jury decided that only one entry expressed outstanding creativity in addressing the design problems associated with making facilities accessible to people with disabilities. This project did not clear the Department's vetting process. Therefore, no winner was selected for this year.

Housing Accessibility - Alan J. Rothman Award
Community building is a people-based approach to fighting poverty that builds on the assets of the community. It supports people on the poor neighborhoods as they rebuild social structures and relationships that may have been weakened by out-migration, disinvestment, and the isolation of inner-city areas.

The Carver Academy and Cultural Civic Center

The Carver Academy and Cultural Civic Center has become the new heart of a part of San Antonio, Texas. Consisting of a marriage between a new academy, a newly renovated civic center, and a venerable culture arts center undergoing renovation, this project serves as an inspirational focus for a multi-ethnic community that will transform an impoverished neighborhood into an academic, cultural, and artistic center of national prominence.

Housing Accessibility - Alan J. Rothman Award
This award recognizes projects that embrace and demonstrate the revitalizing potential of mixed-use and mixed-income housing developments. "Mixed-use housing" refers to developments that combine residential land use with nonresidential uses(s), such as retail centers, community centers, public facilities, and the like, "Mixed- income housing" refers to residential developments designed and financed to include market-rate as well as below-market-rate (affordable) housing.

"ALEGRIA - The Salvation Army"

"ALEGRIA - The Salvation Army" was conceived as an oasis for families in crisis. Located on 1.6 acres in central Los Angeles, the project provides transitional and permanent affordable housing for large families affected by HIV/AIDS with a community childcare/family development center. The site is bounded by a quiet residential street to the north, apartment and commercial buildings to the east and west, and Sunset Boulevard, a major urban artery, to the south.