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American Institute of Architects - Housing and Community Design Awards

The Office of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in conjunction with the Residential Knowledge Community of The American Institute of Architects (AIA), recognizes excellence in affordable housing, community-based design, participatory design, and accessibility. These awards demonstrate that design matters and provide examples of important benchmarks in the housing industry. Awards are offered in four categories: Community–Informed Design Award, Creating Community Connection Award, Excellence in Affordable Housing Design Award, and Housing Accessibility— Alan J. Rothman Award.

AIA - Housing and Community Design Awards


Community-Informed Design Award
Community-Informed Design Award recognizes design that supports physical communities as they rebuild social structures and relationships that may have been weaken by out-migration, disinvestment, and the isolation of inner-city areas.

High Point Community, Seattle, Washington

High Point Community, Seattle, Washington, is Seattle's first neighborhood with both a social and ecological conscience. The 20-acre project replaces 716 subsidized housing units erected after World War II with 1600 units designed with a fresh take on traditional residential forms. More than 2000 people live in detached units, townhouses, condominiums and apartments. A Public Library branch, a health clinic, a community center and shopping opportunities are also integrated into the neighborhood.

Creating Community Connection Award
This award recognizes projects that incorporate housing within other community amenities for the purposes of either revitalization or planned growth.

Salishan Neighborhood Revitalization, of Tacoma, Washington

Salishan Neighborhood Revitalization, of Tacoma, Washington, was constructed during WWII as temporary housing for shipyard workers. Following WWII, the housing was converted to low-rent units and has continued to serve a diverse multi-ethnic and multi-generational population. Revitalization has achieved a connective, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with a variety of parks, paths and swales, as well as neighborhood center that integrates existing buildings and services with ones.

Excellence in Affordable Housing Design
This award recognizes architecture that demonstrates overall excellent design responses to the needs and constraints of affordable housing.

El Carrillo, in Santa Barbara, California

El Carrillo, in Santa Barbara, California, situated in the heart of Santa Barbara's downtown, was designed to provide desperately needed housing relief to fixed-income seniors and lower income residents seeking shelter at transitional housing facilities. Local non-profit agencies teamed with business and civic groups to create 60 permanently affordable rental studio apartments.

For Housing Accessibility: Alan J. Rothman Award
The purpose of this award is to show exemplary projects that demonstrate excellence in improving housing accessibility for people with disabilities.

This category did not have a winner this year.



OMB Control Number: 2528-0324
Expiration Date: 01/31/2026