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State Files for Download

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State Files for Download

Users can download the data for just their state. For each state, the user downloads a zipped file that contains separate files in DBF format for each of the 59 tables at each geography level. Generally, the data are available at six different geography levels: state, county, minor civil division, place (if a place crosses county lines, there is a separate record for each county part), consolidated city, and Census Tract (part). There are a few tables at the Block Group (part) level. Before unzipping the files, we recommend looking at the basic table characteristics. The DBF file does not have data labels, so we recommend that the user also print out the data dictionary for the table(s) of interest. The file names look as follows:

AL - A1A050r where: “AL” is the state of Alabama; “A1A” is for Table A1A; “050” is for the Census Summary Level 050, county; and “r” indicates that the data are rounded.

The Census Summary Levels are:

040 = State

050 = State - County

060 = State - County - County Subdivision

080 = State - County - County Subdivision - Place/Remainder - Census Tract

091 = State - County - County Subdivision - Place/Remainder - Census Tract -

Block Group

155 = State - Place - County

170 = State - Consolidated City


Unless otherwise stated, the downloaded zip file will contain all tables at all of the above geographic levels for the state.


State Files for Download