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Family Data on Public and Indian Housing

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Family Data on Public and Indian Housing

This disk shows about 19,000 summary records on public and Indian housing projects and their tenants. It does not show data on individual tenants, to protect privacy. The records are organized by state, and there is also a 1/30th sample. Data on individual families were sent by local housing agencies to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and were summarized by HUD. There are summaries for: each housing project, (usually a building or group of buildings) each housing agency (city, county, tribe, etc., with 1 or more projects) agencies supervised by each HUD field office and region agencies of various sizes all agencies in the US (including Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands).

Each summary record shows number of housing units, average tenant income, percent minority, elderly, female headed, etc. The summaries are not private or copyrighted and may be copied.

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